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Our Work


At IPI we live by a simple motto:

You cannot fascinate others if you do not fascinate yourself.

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The services we offer in support of our clients include:

  • idea-development and framework building

  • content research & interviews

  • long-form writing (white papers, articles, reports, literature reviews)

  • book-proposal & manuscript development, writing, and revisioning

  • literary agent introductions and publisher placements


We understand that our clients’ time is their most valuable resource, and that each has different expectations, ambitions and anxieties. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for a thought-partner to help you imagine and create a platform for your idea, a thought-leader seeking help organizing and packaging your idea for the market, an executive in need of a ghost to research and write your manuscript, or a guru with insights to share and stories to tell who lacks editorial expertise, our collaborative process is tailored to your project and your constraints, in order to deliver high-quality and high-impact research and writing that suits your purpose.

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